Prayer Meeting

05/23/2017     7:00 PM-8:00 PM

M90 Kick Off

05/24/2017     All Day

Family Bible Study

05/24/2017     7:00 PM-8:30 PM

Mothers Memorial Offering Deadline

05/28/2017     All Day

PM Services

05/28/2017     5:30 PM-9:00 PM


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Being a Pastor is more then just Preaching "Come and SEE" and listen to some of the messages below.



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05/21/2017Pastor Mark Boyd Miracles in the Middle
Sunday AM Daniel 3:12-26
Download Miracles_in_the_Middle.mp3
05/21/2017Pastor Mark Boyd God Toward Man or God in Man?
Sunday PM John 6:93
Download God_Toward_Man_or_God_in_Man.mp3
05/17/2017Pastor Mark Boyd Genesis 19
Wednesday Genesis 19:1-10
Download Genesis_19.mp3
05/14/2017Pastor Mark Boyd Mothers in the Presence of the King
Sunday AM 1 Kings 3:24-27
Download Mothers_in_the_Presence_of_the_King.mp3
05/14/2017Pastor Mark Boyd What's In The Name
Sunday PM Proverbs 21:1
The authority of a name.
Download What_s_In_The_Name.mp3
05/07/2017Pastor Mark Boyd Faith in Reverse
Sunday AM Proverbs 18:21
Download Faith_in_Reverse.mp3

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