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 Grief Counseling

We spend a good portion of our lives working diligently to acquire things that make

life rich and meaningful—friends, a wife or husband, children, a home, a job, material

comforts,money, and security. What happens to us when we lose any of these

persons or things which are so important to us?

A list of losses would be inexhaustible. We can lose our health, our eyesight, our

hearing. We can lose our home through fire or tornado or through financial ruin. Any

of these things, and many more, sets in motion a cycle of grief. Grief is a natural

part of human experience.

Quite naturally we grieve over the loss of anything important. Sometimes, if the loss is great,the very foundations of our

life are shaken, and we are thrown into deep despair. Because weknow so little about the nature of grief, we become

panicky when it strikes us, and this serves to throw us deeper into despondency.

Life Counseling Services, LLC will counsel you through each stage of grief and give you stable direction and 

encouragement through the grieving process.


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